How John Loses His Weakness For Ladies Of The Night

Dear John. Poor old John. He’s been dealing with a very serious problem for many years of his life now. You, see, he’s had a thing for the ladies. The ladies of the night, to be precise. Instead of going home like he should after work, he’s been hanging around and prowling about the seedy nightspots looking for brief moments of escape with those ladies of the night. John is not this poor chap’s real name, of course.

john school diversion program

And the ladies of the night are otherwise known as prostitutes or working girls. There are those advocating for the rights of the short-skirted streetwalkers who have chosen to legitimize the things that these often abused women get up to at night by referring to them as sex workers as if to suggest that it is quite okay to make a living fromÂ…well, by now you know. And it’s the John that often gets it in the neck.

Even if he did no real harm to the ‘sex worker’ he’s placed himself at risk of being accused of abuse apart from the fact that he’s probably breaking the law anyhow. And most of the time if he’s found guilty by a presiding judge, he gets no more than the proverbial slap on the wrist otherwise known as an admission of guilt fine. The john school diversion program gets this poor John off the hookers. It’s what any reasonable judge of moral fortitude will be doing anyhow.

Instead of slapping him with a fine or putting him in the slammer, and that, thank goodness, hardly ever happens, the reasonable judge mandates that one who has a weakness for prostitutes attend this diversion program to help cure him of this nasty habit.