Dentists Tips And Tricks

Going to the dentist for many people can be a scary prospect.  When we walk into the room, we see a large chair, a large light and a bunch of metal tools that we just don’t understand.  When looking at this it feels as if we are entering into an alien examination room.  However, if you take some time and learn about some of these tools such as dental handpieces, then going to the dentist won’t be as scary.


Brush your teeth.  When we brush our teeth we don’t have to worry about the pic.  The pic is a metal hook that the dentist will use to scrape the plaque from your teeth.  This can be intimidating and hurt if the dentist hits your gums.  So, brush your teeth every day.

dental handpieces

The sucker

When the dentist looks into your teeth, they will use what is known as the sucker.  This is a little hose that will remove the saliva from your mouth.  The dentist uses this to help with working on your mouth.  For some people it can be a little intimidating and odd. 

Use floss

Use floss or a water pic.  When using these devices you can remove food and particles from your teeth where brushing won’t or can’t reach.  Floss is a mint flavored piece of string like material that goes between your teeth.  It will grab and capture some of your food that you leave behind.  With a water pic you will remove food from your teeth and gums.  It uses a long stream of water to take the place of the floss.  Many people use these devices over floss since it is a renewable tool that makes your teeth and mouth feel fresh and clean.

Take your oral health seriously.  It will benefit you in many ways as you go through life.